Saturday, July 7, 2012

lonely poem, Martha David, Martha David poetry, sad feelings poetry by Martha David

I Am Lonely

I am lonely, 
i am so lonelythe man that i love, 
his not answering my call,
 or my messages,
 nether my emails,
 i am lonely,
 i am so lonely
I am lonely,
 i am so lonely that i ask my self,
 did i make a mistake?
 to love him,
 care for him?
 i am lonely,
 i am so lonely, 
I am lonely,
 i am so lonelybut the man i love,
 was not the one i have now,
 cuz he promised me a lot,
 in our future together,
 he promised a happy life,
 even if he is far
I am lonely,
 i am so lonelybut all that has change now,
 all i have is,
 broken promises,
 hurt insidei am lonely,
 i am so so so lonely

 Martha David

sad its a bad filling, 
sad its a filling of being un happy,
 sad make you fill like you have being left all alone,
 sad it a bad filling.
sad can make you think of bad idea 
ls sad can make you do wearied things 
sad can make you hurt your self,
 sad is a bad filling 
Martha David

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