Thursday, July 19, 2012

Business productivity

Business productivity

  • Business Productivity measurement that how effectively labor and capital are turned into goods services.
  • Output per hour is most commonly used productivity. Labor is an easily identified input to virtually every production processes.
  • Business productivity, or the ability to produce more and more with low cost and less work, creates incremental increases in wealth. The U.S.A economy is producing more goods and services with more efficient practices, no more labor
  • In business productivity you should create best and suitable policies not just creat with the expert's advice but in business productivity you should fallow the experts advice.

How to earn more :
  well i am about to give you some tips to earn more money with business productivity. Soon or later any company not operating well enough with customers will out of business. so you should  try to keep peace and  for earning maximum profit with less. You should follow these steps
  1. If you give more and secure information to your customers  and give them access to your information.
  2. Deliver anything at any time to customers.
  3. Make it easy for employers to work together
  4. Try to create efficient business with your partners.
  5.  Improve customers satisfaction by giving what they like.
  6. Allow your customers to talk with you via their cell phone where ever they are.
  7. Reduce useless travelling.
  8. Create a long term technology plan for customers and develop your business.
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